Cost reduction on CWI treatment process




Pilenga Baldassarre Foundry


Replacement of old treatment cabin for Mg treatment

Initial problem

The customer needed to replace old cored wire injection plant came to the end of life-time.

Benefits due to our intervention

High cost-reduction per treatment, improvement on iron quality.

Some significant data


ton ladle


treatment cost reduction

< 2

years payback

The Customer

Pilenga Baldassarre Foundry S.r.l., a Ltd company controlled by Fonderia di Torbole S.p.A., produces grey and nodular cast iron for several industrial sectors. The production is carried out in the factory of Lallio, Bergamo, in a 40.000 s.m. area (20.000 covered) with around 100 employees.
The installed capacity of 40.000 Tons/year is characterized by a great flexibility of production: Pilenga Baldassarre Foundry is able to produce grey and nodular cast iron from 0,5 kg up to 350 kg.

The Solution

The partnership with ProService started in 2005 to solve metallurgical defects that affected the production process. Because of this long-time partnership, in 2018 ProService has been entitled to replace the old cored wire treatment station with a new, fully automatic, easy-to-use and yield-enhancing system
For this application, some specific features have been considered:
• Possibility to treat ladle with different capacity and geometry, from 900 Kg to 2.5 tons;
• Integrated scale to weigh real amount of iron immediately before the Mg treatment;
• Optimization of fume extraction system to increase yield during the treatment and prevent environmental pollution;
The result has been a huge reduction of treatment cost and castings quality improvement.

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