Independency by operators and highest repeatability in cores dipping on cold box cores for steel castings for mining




Castmetal FWF de Mexico ,

Installed equipment

ARENA All-in-ONE DT8X7 with manipulator , ARENA Vibro-filter, ARENA E-pump


Independent by operators
Repeatable process of cores dipping

Some additional benefits

Reduced coating handling
No operator involved in coating control

Some significant data


coating equipment in one supply: preparation, dip tank and vibro-filter


day for installation

The customer

Safe Metals for 150 years, has been supplying, over 5 continents, the most competitive cast steel parts to the most demanding international standards. Their parts are at the heart of public works and mining machinery, trains (TGV, metro, tram), semi-trailers, agricultural and handling machinery, and also in the Defense sector.

From demand to solution

Safe Metal contacted Proservicetech to solve a problem related to dependence on the operator and on self-produced coating dip tanks without any control. The type of cores and the weight itself made the dipping operation difficult to manage from an ergonomic point of view. The manipulator allows the operator do not dip the hands into the coating with the additional benefits not only to reduce the cycle time but also to grant the highest repeatability thanks to the control of speed, times, and customizable dipping depth for each type of core with a simple click on the touch screen.

In addition to the ALL-in-ONE with its manipulator and the Vibrofilter, the scope of supply includes a storage tank for dense coating which automatically feeds the ALL-in-ONE. This solution makes it possible to have a dense coating storage that is always ready to feed the system and to be able to unload an entire drum (the dense coating is delivered in those drums) into this tank: this is the only operation that the operator has to perform but it is simply managed by a dedicated pump.

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