Increasing quality requirements together with high level of sophistication of modern coatings are driving modern foundries to control this tricky phase of the production process.

For this reason we have committed to research new solutions to improve, monitor and control the process of preparing and applying mould and cores coatings.
In this field we offer a wide range of products, from simple dip tanks to complex plants for compete coating preparation and application.

CPP™ – Coating Preparation Plant

The CPP™ provides a modern alternative to the traditional measurement procedures, but most importantly quality assurance for foundries that need to control the coating with high precision.

Drying Solutions for Cores & Moulds

ProService has long experience in customized drying solutions for high volume production of cores and moulds. Our unique technology involves a combination of heat radiation and convection.

Application of Coatings

We customize and manufacture application systems for foundry coatings in different sizes and shapes to have homogeneous density in the entire volume.

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