The CPP™ (Coating Preparation Plant) provides a modern alternative to traditional measurement procedures. It provides quality assurance and high precision control of the coating.

The CPP™ (Coating Preparation Plant) system automatically prepare coating for cores and moulds at a selectable density. It manages the ratio of dense coating paste (from silos, drums or bulk storage tanks) and solvent (water or alcohol) in a preparation tank. One CPP system can often supply multiple dipping tanks, robotic coating cells or flow coating stations.

DS-W™ Density & Viscosity sentinel is a uniqe solution developed by ProService

The DS-W™ (Density Sentinel) is the heart of the CPP™ (Coating Preparation Plant). It consists of a Densimeter which continuously measures the density the coating and a Viscosimeter for discrete batch measurement of the coating viscosity.

Traditionally density of coatings is manually estimated by a bulb densimeter (baumé). Surface tension and the skill of the operator greatly affect the measurement. This method can be used only for batch measurements on the surface of the coating.The DS-W™ overcomes all these obstacles and can measure density at any depth. Our automatic solution is independent of the operator and continuously monitors the density of the coating. The DS-W™ assures reliable data for automatic coating preparation, and not on the grounds of operator experience.

A DS-W™ (Density Sentinel) can be fitted with an automatic batch test for Viscosity. The viscosity is measured with a Ford cup or according to DIN 53211 (4mm). The Viscosity measurement very accurate and uses optical sensors. Automatic and operator independent measurement of Density & Viscosity gives CPP™ (Coating Preparation Plant) incomparable Accuracy and Control over the Coating preparation process.

All data (alarms, data from Viscosimeter and Densimeter, temperature, operator’s notes) are saved on a specific database. The Quality Supervisor of the foundry can have have real-time access to the CPP™ (Coating Preparation Plant) and the density in any tank. The process can be analyzed through our user-friendly analysis module. Each batch of production can also be associate to a specific casting, core shooter or to any other specific parameter of the foundry.The analysis module includes a report function and allows creation customized reports.

The DS-W™ (Density Sentinel) is designed to operate together with the CPP™ (Coating Preparation Plant). It can also operate independently in foundries with highly customized coating applications.
A CPP™ (Coating Preparation Plant) can be integrated with current or customized coating application systems with production of coating up to 800 kg/h.

The CPP™ (Coating Preparation Plant) can be provided with:

  • Customized DS-W™ for continuously measure density and viscosity with high precision
  • Level probes to assure and control the amount of prepared coating
  • Automatic cleaning of the DS-W™

The CPP™ (Coating Preparation Plant) is connected to the ProService Assistance Centre and can be managed On-line. This feature is extremely important and allows our technicians to quickly solve possible failures and minimize time and costs of downtime.

Read about one of our installations here: CPP™ at Sheffield Forgemasters, UK

CPP™ solutions for coating preparation are manufactured by ProService in Italy.

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