We have long experience in customized drying solutions for high volume production of cores and moulds. Our unique technology involves a combination of heat radiation and convection. This removes moisture in a fast and energy efficient process.

In many foundries the process to dry cores and moulds generates a bottleneck if the drying time is too long. Decreasing the drying time in the process is often not possible to ensure all the moisture is removed from the coating. Still with our combination of heat radiation and convection, lower drying temperature is needed. This improves the quality of your cores and requires less drying time compared to conventional technologies.

Lower temperatures mean less energy consumption. Heat is generated using efficient gas burners, or electrical heaters depending on the required specification. The extractions system drives combustion fumes out of the drying chamber through tubular heat exchangers. This energy can be conserved and used elsewhere.

Our solution to dry foundry cores and moulds can be customized and integrated into any existing process. It can be equipped with a fully automatic loading/unloading system and any type of conveying system for cores, pallets, moulds of flasks. A drying solution can be designed as a continuous horizontal line, vertical line when the space is limited or static for batch drying. There is always a solution that will fit your process.

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