We are not just a manufacturer of systems and equipment for foundries.

Most importantly we are a knowledge based company founded on the skills and know-how of our technicians. Above all we are a complete partner who can offer advanced systems but also a high level of technical support & comprehensive training.

Training for ITACA™

All our systems are provided with a certified & tailored training package for all involved staff but also specific courses tailored to the individual needs of the customer, and on request at the foundry premises. A comprehensive training is the initial stage of a new ITACA™ system is a key factor for a successful installation. Our training always consists of minimum 4 days of training, in combination with continuous support during the implementation phase.

The training includes theoretical elements but most importantly it consists of practical exercises focused on using ITACA™ in production.

We guide both operators and engineers with different technical background, if any, to understand their role in continuous improvements of their process.
It does not take a scientist to use our systems, but we wouldn’t mind taking credit if we create one.

Educational courses

For foundries that wish to take their knowledge of process control to a higher level we offer customized educational packages, often to address a specific subject or part of the process.
Our various courses in cast iron metallurgy and thermal analysis are held and organized at our premises or in strategic locations all over the world.

Please feel free to ask us about our training courses, or if an education is being held close to your region.