* Foseco and INITEK
are registered marks of Foseco.

We acknowledge the importance of correct melt handling for process control and as a result we are designing our own line of advanced foundry ladles.
We have a unique capability to design and engineer customized ladles with and size and shape to fit its purpose. From a mechanical point of view our solutions are very advanced with non-reversible gearboxes and remote control possibilities.
As an example Foseco* has trusted us with all manufacturing of Converters for the Foseco INITEK* process.

Our main focus is operator safety and as a result our motorized gearbox does not turn the hand wheel to prevent accidents. All our ladles comply with EN 1247 & EN ISO 3834.

Please feel free to ask us to quote for advanced ladles for your foundry.
• Geared crane ladles
• Motorized geared ladles
• Treatment ladles
• Transport pouring ladles

The main features of ProService ladles are:

  • Complying with EN 1247 & EN ISO 3834
  • Gearboxes are designed by ProService
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEM) are performed on all gearboxes and ladles
  • Extremely robust design
  • Gearboxes are not reversible and firmly hold the ladle in any desired angle
  • The shafts of the ladle are bolted to the shell and interchangeable

Our advanced motorized ladles:

  • Our motorized gearboxes are managed by an inverter unit; this is very useful for quick rotation of the ladle and safe slow down for actual pouring
  • The ladles can be operated via remote control
  • By operating a lever the operator can shift from “manual” to “motorized” rotation mode and vice-versa

Advanced Ladles

We manufacture a complete range of Advanced customizable ladles

  • Advanced Ladles
  • Geared Crane Ladles
  • Motorized Geared Ladles
  • Treatment Ladles
  • Transport & Pouring Ladles