Think about an intuitive system for cast iron thermal analysis that optimizes the correction operations by reducing the human interventions, in order to minimize the variability of your base iron. That system is ITACA MeltDeck™.

ITACA MeltDeck™ is especially designed to help the foundries to control their base iron by using advanced cast iron thermal analysis.

It uses control procedures and an industrial interface that allows operators to quickly understand the real condition in the furnaces.
Various metallurgical concepts, such as nucleation potential, actual position in the Fe-C diagram, etc., are shown to the operators by user-friendly gauges.

ITACA MeltDeck™ is used for Process Control of Base Irons in Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Austempered Ductile Iron, Compacted Graphite Iron, Ni-Resist, Ni-Hard, SiMo etc.

To reduce work and to streamline the production also other vital information is ready to be integrated into ITACA MeltDeck™.

Chemical composition from the spectrometer can be integrated with cast iron thermal analysis and displayed in the interface.
This makes running with notes a thing of the past and the risk of lost data is minimized, but the combined thermal analysis & chemical analysis is also more accurate and allows more precise corrections of the base iron.
Also melt temperature can be integrated and displayed in the interface of ITACA MeltDeck™.
This further simplifies the process as three individual sources of information (thermal analysis, chemical composition & melt temperature) are reduced into only one, ITACA MeltDeck™.

Have you seen big differences in your base iron with every charge? Now, this is a problem of the past.

With the Corrections module included in ITACA MeltDeck™ you can consistently reach the same process targets required by your castings.
Since variations in metallurgical quality can be seen it can also be counteracted and makes the process less sensitive to varying quality of the charge material. 
ITACA MeltDeck™ calculates the correction of ALL elements based on cast iron thermal analysis and chemical analysis and provides it to the operator.
The correction can be made directly to the ladle, or into a conventional vessel for corrections in the furnace.
Corrections can also be made automatically through the ITACA OptiDose™ dosing system.

Are you maintaining the quality in your base iron, but wish to use cast iron thermal analysis to verify the iron that is poured into your moulds? MeltDeck™ can also be extended to cover the pouring lines. This is a cost effective way to monitor the entire process with a minimum of hardware.

With this configuration ITACA MeltDeck™ receives feedback from the pouring lines with trends of metallurgical defects & trends of pouring temperature in real time.
The process can be monitored from the ITACA MeltDeck™ unit itself or via global view from the production office.
ITACA MeltDeck™ can be integrated with ITACA OptiDose™, ITACA Wire™ and ITACA Scale™ process optimization systems for a higher degree of automation and control.  With integration of ITACA Meltdeck™, control of the base iron with thermal analysis has never been simpler.

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