To remain competitive a modern foundry cannot solely depend on traditional means to control the iron production process. To minimize variability and maximize productivity a broader approach is required.

This involves integration of information created by different systems. By integrating all data into one system, knowledge is shared trough all departments of the foundry.
The purpose of the ITACA™ Production and Dosing System is precisely this, to be a platform of knowledge for better precision in you processes.

The ITACA™ Production and Dosing system consists of several individual systems that can be integrated and work as a single system to control and monitor various parts of the process, generally with a high degree of automation. This allows increased traceability and repeatability of the manufacturing process. Our unique concept offers precise and flexible control of the metallurgical process and combines robustly engineered mechanical solutions and analysis systems based on advanced thermal analysis & chemical analysis.
Different configurations of the ITACA™ Production and Dosing System are installed in over 130 foundries worldwide since it was launched over 10 years ago. Our customers are often found in the very highest level of industrial groups, including companies such as Toyota, Daihatsu, Daimler-Mercedes, Renault-Volvo, Brembo, Infun, WHB, Usurbil & Continental with one thing in common. They know what is required to be competitive also in the future.


ITACAX™ is the most comprehensive system for Metallurgical Process Control with Thermal Analysis for Cast Iron foundries on the market. It completes the picture of the process and provides advanced integration for knowledge transfer among departments in the foundry.

ITACA Stream™

The use of in-stream inoculation techniques virtually leads an elimination of the fading effect. This permits a substantial reduction in the amount of inoculant used and assures a good nucleation status.

ITACA Stabilize™

ITACA Stabilize™ is designed to automate the Preinoculation process based on the nucleation status in the melting/holding furnace prior to transfer of the iron.

ITACA MeltDeck™

Think about an intuitive system for Thermal Analysis of Cast Iron that optimizes the correction operations by reducing the human interventions to minimize the variability of your base iron.

ITACA OptiDose™

ITACA OptiDose™ FerroAlloy dosing system is designed to minimize human errors in the critical correction phase. Our system is designed for precise, fast and automatic adjustment of Base iron directly in the ladle.


ITACA Pyro™ is developed to improve the accuracy of temperature measurements and process traceability during the pouring process.

ITACA Scale™

It is common in foundries that the traceability of the correction phase is limited, and the result has to be dealt with in the last minute. ITACA Scale™ is designed to provide accurate and traceable final additions to the base iron, either directly to the furnace or as ladle additions.


The ITACA Wire™ cored wire system is a complete enclosed system for cored wire dosing for Mg treatment or Inoculation, but also combined solution with multiple wire feeders.

ITACA Vision™

The ITACA Vision™ system improves the efficiency of the inoculation and pouring sequence and alerts the operators in real-time if inoculation is not optimal.

Do you want more information? Please download our Broschure for an overview of ITACA Production & Dosing system!

By adding our Molten Metal Handling systems and advanced Foundry Ladles the metallurgical process can be even further automated and carefully controlled from every aspect.