ITACA Pyro™ is developed to improve the accuracy of temperature measurements and process traceability during the pouring process.

ITACA Pyro™ manages up to 2 optical pyrometers independently of the other. Measurements are done continuously or individual measurement and present an enormous forward step in the integrated data control logic. ITACA Pyro follows our philosophy to reduce operator actions and only requires actions when.

The main features of ITACA Pyro™ are:

  • Continuous or individual measurement
  • Windows based
  • Plug&Play with ITACAX™ & ITACA MeltDeck™ systems
  • All data saved on a SQL database
  • Can be integrated with sand preparation system, pouring furnace, ERP etc
  • Automatic calibration system with integrated immersion S-Type thermocouple
  • Possibility to show temperature on external 7” and 10” displays
  • No operator intervention is required
  • Automatic verification of calibration
  • Complete system diagnostic
  • Data analysis module for reports

Remote control unit

The ITACAX tablet can be used as a viewer for data in real time. In its simplest setup, it shows the temperature data anywhere in the company network.