In an ideal process the managers should not have to assume correct alloys have been weighted and added to the furnace. With ITACA Scale™ Alloy Weighing station the process becomes precise and traceable.

The ITACA Scale™ system is designed to provide accurate and traceable final additions to the base iron, either directly to the furnace or as ladle additions.

It has a shared interface with ITACA MeltDeck™ that allows calculated corrections to be displayed on the information screen in ITACA Scale™.
 The corrective additives are then to be placed on the scale in sequence.
Each step is verified by the scale and the total amount has to add up to the calculated correction before the additions are made.

Large corrections of packaged alloys, like bags of graphite, can be added to the correction without placing them on the scale by selecting in the industrial interface.

  • ITACA Scale™ consists of an industrial scale with an off-centred load cell designed to require a minimum of maintenance and calibration, and an industrial panel PC combined with a modern interface.
  • ITACA Scale™ can be customized to fit different requirements in weight and size and one or more systems can work in sequence on the furnace platform.
  • ITACA Scale™ is ideal when an automated dosing system cannot be fitted on the furnace platform.