ITACAX™ offers market leading customization and ways to communicate with other process equipment in the Foundry. The graphical interface has been developed in close cooperation with foundries and makes it even simpler to recognize the information required to control the process.

As Foundry Manager you surely been in the situation where you are confident the quality of your final iron is sufficient to produce simple castings. But perhaps you are doubting if it is sufficient for more complicated castings?

ITACAX™ monitors the status of the final iron with thermal analysis and other process data by comparing the current conditions to the requirements of each individual casting. The analysis can be adapted on the basis of geometrical features and historical defects of a casting. As an example, a heavy casting in ductile iron usually has a minor risk of external chills, but has a higher risk for graphite flotation. For a thin walled grey iron casting the opposite situation would be more likely.

Focus on traceability

More and more foundries are looking for ways to increase the process tractability, often by pressure from their customers. With ITACAX we provide ways of introducing printable QR codes in various parts of the process, for instance for placement on coin samples for chemical analysis. By doing so it becomes even more easy to combine and collect process information even in foundries.

Total control trough integration

ITACAX™ is more than just thermal analysis and contains support for integration to allow total control or the pouring, inoculation and metallurgical conditions on the iron. A combination of ITACAX, ITACA Stream, ITACA Vision & ITACA Pyro all works together to become a true state of the art solution in any foundry with high production outputs.

Born to communicate

ITACAX™ utilizes state-of-the-art PROFINET technology to communicate with other systems and allows real-time data from PLC’s. This makes ITACAX™ able to communicate with virtually any system and use its data to control the process.
As an example ITACAX™ can communicate with a moulding machine: it thereby knows which pattern is being moulded and can adapt the metallurgical considerations for a specific casting without operator action. ITACAX™ is ready to receive and send information to any system, including sand properties from the sand preparation plant, pyrometers for pouring temperature or any external system that may affect the process.

Feedback from the Pouring area

The combination of cast iron Thermal Analysis, chemical composition, casting geometry is used to minimize & stabilize process variations.
This leads to more constant and predictable physical properties.
A Continuous feedback loop for correction of the next ladle ensures iron is poured with near constant conditions and high traceability.

The "Kanban" inspired Feedback loop for correction of the next ladle of base iron based on iron quality in the Pouring furnace. It is measured by a combination of thermal analysis and chemical composition.

Information is always avaliable

With ITACAX™ the status of the entire process can be viewed in real time in the Global View Module from any office.
The Foundry Manager (or Process Engineer) can now overview the process from anywhere in the foundry on the new ITACAX™ tablet.
This ensures information is always available where and when it is needed.

Advanced Statistical Reports & Data Mining

ITACAX™ is the hub to integration of the manufacturing process. The combined process data (cast iron Thermal Analysis, chemical composition, pouring temperature, sand properties etc) is an important source of information. It can be transformed into knowledge, providing a greater understanding of unexplainable events, a concept known as Data Mining. In combination with advanced statistical evaluation in ITACAX™ it becomes a powerful tool to understand the process. ITACAX™ automatically generates customized reports with relevant statistical data from production.

ITACAX™ is a key ingredient in our Smart Foundry concept. It plays an important role in Integration, Continuous Control, Traceability & Knowledge Transfer.

ITACAX™ can be embedded in industrial panels inside a current control room. It can also be installed in industrial cabinets for placement right next to the pouring line. Complex system configurations can be made through dedicated Ethernet connections for maximum data security.
ITACAX™ is scalable and can be extended as requirements and experience of the foundry increases.

An important area of integration is to provide detailed information for Casting Process Simulation systems. As a direct result of this we have participated in a project for “On-line prediction of ductile iron mechanical properties using a shared software interface between ITACA8™ and MAGMASOFT®". The project aimed to validate the thermophysical properties used in Casting Process Simulation systems and improve the prediction of defects with cast iron thermal analysis.

The Bottom line

By ensuring the process quality is not only good, but meets the requirements of the casting to be produced, unnecessary waste & inefficiencies in the process can be eliminated.
Ultimately it will lead to lower production costs and increase the foundries competiveness.

The combined effect of greater control, traceability, less scrap or rework goes hand in hand with greater focus on sustainability and will help to reduce the environmental impact of your foundry.

Technical Articles

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