ALTS by ProService

The transport of molten metal has always been one of the trickiest and most hazardous phases of the process.
Starting with this simple truth, ProService has designed a new handling system which is not only an improvement to traditional methods, but at the same time a way to optimize the foundry process. The Aerial Ladle Transportation System (ALTS).

Paths between tapping and emptying areas, for example melting furnaces -> pouring furnaces, can be programmed and automated with high precision and repeatability.

Traditional conveying of molten metal often consists of manual loading, unloading and transport operations from the melting area to a pouring furnace. We customize and manufacture the automatic aerial handling system with a unique solution for translation, hoisting and tilting of the ladle in completely safe conditions. The system continuously monitors and controls the position of the ladle, step by step.

Still all movements can be manually controlled by a system known as “deadman” control that gives our solution all the advantages of an automatic system, but with flexibility typically related to a manual system.

We call this Logic logistics.

The process can be optimized in terms of:

  • Simplification of all ladle logistics
  • Avoiding wrong positioning and interferences with other equipment
  • Speeding up transfer operations to minimize cycle time
  • Programmable and flexible ladle paths
  • Operator independent movement
  • Safer working environment