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ITACA ContactBlock & ITACA MetallicSupport

ITACA ContactBlock is the resin support where the cup for thermal analysis ITACA Cup is placed. They have two small tips to help the centering of the cups.
ITACA ContactBlock is inserted into the metal base ITACA MetallicSupport which acts as a pedestal and protection of the thermocouple cable.


ITACA TempConnector

ITACA TempConnector are the tips of the probes used for immersion thermocouples, their life cycle depends on the type of thermocouples used and the type of furnace where they are used: in melting furnaces the temperature is usually higher, therefore the risk that the connector ruins is greater than in the pouring furnaces. Anti-spalsh thermocouples prolong life due to the fiber wrapped around the cardboard near the sensor which also acts as protection.