Molten metal transport has always been one of the trickiest and most hazardous operation of the process. Starting from this simple truth, ProserviceTech has developed many automatic ladle transportation systems which are not only an improvement of the traditional methods, but at the same time they are also a means to optimize the foundry logistics, as the overall process can be integrated and supervised by ITACA process control systems.

LTS Benefits and Features

  • Fully customized solutions
  • Automatic or semi-automatic molten iron transportation
  • Faster transfer operation and no interference with other equipment
  • Programmable and flexible ladle paths
  • Safer working environment


Traditional molten metal conveying systems  consist of manual loading, unloading and transport operations from the melting area to the pouring area.

ProserviceTech customizes and manufactures automatic handling systems with unique solutions for the customers, taking into account  their movement requirements, hoisting and tilting of the ladle:

  • Monorail aerial systems;
  • Crane systems;
  • Moving floor kart systems;
  • Roller conveyor systems.

It all starts with an analysis of the current customer’s process : foundry layout, process cycle time, safety requirements, ladle logistics, kind of alloy to be produced… everything is contemplated by ProServiceTech.


Given the experience gained with other automatic foundry plants, ProServiceTech applies the same concepts of precision and reliability also to the automatic transport system.

Thanks to the PLC control system and encoders on all the movements, the system continuously monitors and controls the position of the ladle in real time:

By means of programmable fixed positions, the paths between tapping and emptying areas, for example from the melting furnaces to the pouring furnaces, can be programmed and automated with high level of precision and repeatability.


ITACA LTS is designed to be completely integrated in your foundry environment. It can be linked directly to automatic dosing systems (existing or brand new) like ITACA OptiDose, ITACA Stream XL or ITACA Wire.


All the solutions are designed to guarantee the safest working conditions for the operators:

• fully automatic solutions within a defined area (with no access to the operators);

• remote-controlled by the operator.

In case of aerial transportation, the design can be very complicated, but… No problem!
The structure is equipped with all the required safety systems :
• Protection for heat and iron sprues;
• Electronic and mechanical limit switches;
• Redundancy on fall arrest and braking systems;
• Redundancy on lifting and tilting systems;
• Redundancy on load cells;
The system can be equipped with light and acoustic signalling systems to alert the passage through more dangerous areas at any time.


The ProServiceTech’s view on automation and process control must take in consideration also the maintenance aspect.
Compared to a traditional floor transport system, the aerial transportation concept has much more benefits than you think:
• Higher availability of the system;
• Lower maintenance demand because:
1. No electric or hydraulic components/systems are installed close to the molten iron;
2. No conveyors or rail on the floor to be constantly cleaned;
• Electronic traction control on each independent gearbox, in order to avoid slippage on any curves present, with consequent reduction of wear and improvement of precision over time;
• Higher transport speed is possible;
• Lower human intervention (and possible risks).

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