ITACA MeltDeck is a Process Control System specifically designed to help foundries to control and stabilize their base iron, from melting and holding furnaces, by using advanced cast iron thermal analysis  and data integration. It combines Thermal Analysis, Temperature and Chemical Analysis to determine the Metallurgical Status of the base iron in an easy and interactive way.

Benefits and Features of ITACA Meltdeck

  • Time-based guided procedure to control the operators’ behaviour;
  • Automatic correction module;
  • Minimization of trimming operations;
  • Integration and control of automatic dosing systems;


The integration of spectrometer, melting temperature (Option) and molten iron weight inside furnaces or ladles (Option) allows to keep f every single melting parameter under control.

The system works by means of guided procedures, with well-defined ranges for each type of alloy  the foundry produces. Each procedure is performed within a set of parameters, with its own ranges and validity time. Once the data, coming from different sources, arrives to ITACA Meltdeck, the system compares the results with the ranges, parameter by parameter, decided by the foundry, making a single and a global evaluation. The output will be the global metallurgical status of the furnace and the corrective action that must be performed by the operators to correct the iron quality.

With the Correction module included in ITACA MeltDeck , it is possible to consistently attain the process  and the physical targets required for the castings in production.

ITACA MeltDeck calculates the correction for ALL the parameters based on the cast iron Thermal  and Chemical Analysis and displays it to the operator.

The importance of Time

In the cast iron production process,  “time” is one of the most fundamental factors. So, why not controlling it?

ITACA Meltdeck has been developed to control, but also to simplify, the operators work.

When one of the data sources connected to the system expires (the value previously arrived is no more valid), the system will tell the operators to take another sample for the evaluation.

Make the data association easier

Process traceability requires a strong but intuitive way to make the association between different data sources.

In ITACA system it is possible to create a unique barcode/QRcode to identify one Thermal analysis. This little module allows to make a one-way association between the different kind of analysis linked to the system, in extremely high levels of customization:

  • Data Entry – small software interface installed directly on the spectrometer pc;
  • Remote ITACA display – installed in the spectrometer lab;

The operator has only to scan the code with a QR Code reader and that is all! No more manual handling or manual input for the data!

Charge management (Option)

Through the integration with ITACA Charge system (please refer to the dedicated page), it is possible to manage the charge of the furnace from ITACA Meltdeck interface.

In this way, it is possible to improve the process traceability with another fundamental step.


However, the operations of weighing and alloy additions are usually two steps which lack traceability control.

To counteract this aspect and maintain the concept of control on the operator’s behaviour, ITACA MeltDeck can be easily connected with ITACA Scale, ITACA Stream XL or ITACA Optidose for semi-automatic or automatic material additions. All ITACA Systems are designed, engineered and programmed by Proservice  and they are Plug&Play to each other, using well-known and tested communication protocols.

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The correction suggested by ITACA MeltDeck Correction module can be displayed in the main interface of ITACA Scale (Option). The operator just needs to follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

  • Operator’s control
  • Connection with ITACA Meltdeck;
  • Industrial scale available in 50 Kg or 150 Kg
  • Real amount weighed by the operator saved inside the ITACA Meltdeck database for deep traceability


If you think your foundry is too big and operators can lose time to get in front of the main unit, don’t worry!

ITACA Meltdeck, like ITACA X, can be equipped with remote displays to be installed directly near to  melting furnaces, in order to let the operators use the system without need to run inside the foundry.

ITACA Remote display can be simply customized, in terms of input and output (data to be displayed), in order to meet the foundry needs.

Each remote display is provided with a lamps tower showing, in a very fast and intuitive way, the global metallurgical status of the furnace.

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