Stream XL

Many foundries rely on the preconditioning of their base iron, but even this process  lacks  traceability and is rarely related to the quality of the poured iron. ITACA Stream XL is designed to automate this process, dosing the material directly inside the ladle.

Main Features

  • Complete automatic or semi-automatic mode;
  • Data traceability;
  • Possibility of remote control;
  • Control of the addition in ladle during tapping;
  • Precise control of the addition of FeSiMg and covering material for Sandwich treatment;
  • Control of the inoculant addition of at no-bake line.


Thanks to the integration with ITACA Meltdeck, the pre-inoculation process can be a function of the iron nucleation status . The material will be added only when required and with the right amount, in order to guarantee a good and constant metallurgical status. If connected with ITACA X, ProService’s System dedicated to final iron control, the correction is not calculated only on the basis of the results of ITACA Meltdeck and the spectrometer, but the core of the simplex will also  consider the status and, possibly, the request for modification of the pouring area.


ITACA Stream XL, besides being useful for adding  preconditioning or recarburizer  material during the tapping operation, is also suitable for adding nodularizer and cover material. When this material   is used in powder form up to 6 mm in grain size, a constant precision of ±1% is repeatedly attainable. The materials are contained in customized hoppers, dosed by means of a screw conveyor system and load cells, then dispensed in automatic or semi-automatic mode.

The yield of the nodularization process is strongly influenced by all the following parameters:  timing of the calculation, position of the material inside the ladle and waiting time before the tapping operation, . ITACA Stream XL, when connected to ITACA Meltdeck and ITACA X, can guide the operators with the correct dosing amount and time.


Do you have a no-bake pouring line and you are having trouble acting on in-stream inoculation?

ITACA Stream XL is suitable also in this case!

The machine can be equipped with different frames/supports to fit your needs in this special application.

ITACA Stream XL software is designed to receive data related to the castings (like weight, inoculant percentage and pouring time), and automatically calculates the required flow rate. The operator only has  to start the cycle when the pouring begins!

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