This new technology supports the foundry by eliminating critical defects like bad surface finishing and sand inclusions, both related to the presence of dispersed sand and dried coating inside the coating, for iron and steel foundries. Vibro-filter is a mobile unit for deeper filtration of the foundry coating (using up to 300 microns mesh) without any of the blockage problems, so common with traditional filtration systems. Application on flow coating and dip tank.

Vibro-filter Benefits

  • Cost savings for less coating wastage and its disposal;
  • A single Vibro-filter can be used on multiple dip tanks or flow coating stations;
  • Higher efficiency of filtration when compared with any other filtration system in the market;
  • Higher productivity: it can work in parallel with existing filtration systems without stopping or reducing production;
  • No manpower required for manually removing sand from the core coating.

Traditional approach to coating filtration

Where there are cores and moulds, there is sand. In particular, with cold and hot box core shops and with manual moulding there is an age-old problem related to the dispersion of sand in the coating, irrespective of the utilized coating method (dipping or flow coating). Simultaneously, in common dip tanks, a layer of dry coating is created in several areas for the “wet and dry” effect which is aggravated by the presence of sand. The problem is even more evident with flow coating stations.

To remove the dried coating and the sand from the core coating, some foundries use meshes (static filters) or wait for natural sedimentation to the bottom of the coating and collection tanks (due to their different specific gravity). There are at least three immediate negative effects: waste of manpower and coating (additional disposal cost as dangerous material), loss of production due to the plant unavailability  during the sedimentation time and sedimentation of the refractory component of the coating (often disposed of together with the sand), thereby affecting the correct operation of the coating barrier.

How does Vibro-filter work?

The Vibro-filter solves the common issues which occur with all other filtering solutions. In fact, it is ideal for all applications, irrespective of the particle size, the quantity of coating tanks or the quantity of flow coating stations and type or brand of the used coating.

How does it work? An existing pump or an integrated ARENA E-PUMP supplied by ProserviceTech together with the filtration unit, pumps the coating to be filtered through a vibrating sieve. It separates the larger agglomerates of sand and dried coating, which are automatically deposited in a container positioned alongside the filtering unit for disposal. In the meantime, the completely filtered coating returns into the coating tank by gravity feed.

It is a closed loop system which does not change the level in the dipping tanks from which the coating is taken to be cleaned. For this reason , the Vibro-filter is ideal for the flow coating application characterized by  a  huge quantity of sand and for robotic cells, in which large number of cores are dipped. Without Vibro-filter, it is often necessary to stop the line and manually remove the coating with the sand, sometimes tons of coating can be wasted per year.

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