With the aim to surpass expectations on quality and precision, ProService has designed a robust and reliable breaker machine that is also very easy to handle.

Used to break feeders and ingate systems PROMAT™ hydraulic breaker consists of a wedge which is moved by a hydraulic power pack.

The typical foundry wedge set that ProService supplies to its customers consists of a feeder breaker worked by a hydraulic power-pack.

PROMAT™ feeder breakers can be customized to the needs of the customer. As an example is a combination of two PROMAT™ feeder breakers powered by a single hydraulic power-pack. With our innovative solutions we overcome traditional problems faced with foundry feeder breakers.
Our parts are designed to last and are more durable compared to traditional breakers.
Both the cylinder and the ram are manufactured from a single piece of material. This provides the strength needed to operate at pressures exceeding 300 bars. PROMAT™ is designed for heavy duty and the joystick gives perfect control of its movements. The design of the handle has a symmetric design and allows left-handed operators easily work with ease.

The parts, realized with care and attention, are more durable than those of the traditional breakers.

Both the cylinder and the ram are manufactured from a single piece of material, to provide the machine with the strength needed to operate at more than 300 bar pressures. Even if the machine has been conceived to bear heavy loads for periods, a joystick gives it great control and facility in the movements.
Moreover, the symmetric design allows even left-handed operators to easily work.

PROMAT™ Hydraulic Breakers are characterised by:

  • POWER: can remove almost any feeder or ingate system and provides high productivity (high number of spreading cycles per minute)
  • USERFRIENDLY AND ERGONOMIC: rotates in every direction without any strain on the operator due to position of centre of gravity and the design with ball bearings
  • QUALITY AND RELIABILITY: made of high quality materials and is designed for durability and long operational life
  • SAFETY: equipped with a full protection cover which minimizes risk for operators using the breaker, whether closed or fully open
  • FLEXIBILITY: can be used in different kinds of processes. Thanks to the shape of the front protections the slides can be used for all their length, greatly increasing the work area.