In 1999, the company started to manufacture precision wet cutting machines for hardened guides, bars and super-alloys.
The machines have been supplied to leading manufacturers and fabricators and are recognized as an industry standard. In 2004, the first fully automated finishing lines with robot supported handling were supplied. Robots handle the loading and unloading of parts and also automatically change grinding and deburring tools.
Today, Reichmann & Sohn is a leading supplier in the foundry sector; it has premises in Weissenhorn, Germany, and counts about 80 employees. It is specialized in the production of grinding machines and offers to customers a wide range of grinding machines, cut-off machines and polishing motors. The equipments manufactured and sold by Reichmann, named “Rema”, are very innovative and versatile and go from simple grinding machines to complex and automate solutions able to meet each need.
As from April 14, 2010, ProService is Reichmann & Sohn’s sole and exclusive agent for the supply of Rema machines and their spare parts in the territory of Italy.