We are a project oriented organisation that provides solutions for the foundry process based on the requirements of each customer.

Our solutions are derived from our experience in the field and are designed to improve your processes with the condition of a foundry.

ITACA™ Production System

The customizable ITACA™ Production System offers precise and flexible control of the metallurgical process for all types of cast iron alloys.
Our unique concept combines robustly engineered mechanical solutions and control systems based on advanced thermal & chemical analysis.

Molten Metal Handling solutions

Traditional conveying of molten metal often consists of manual loading, unloading and transport operations from the melting area to a pouring furnace. We customize and manufacture a programmable solution with an aerial handling system for any process.

Coating & Drying solutions

Our solutions for preparation and control of foundry coatings provide a modern alternative to traditional measurement procedures, but most importantly provide quality assurance for foundries that need to control the entire coating process with high precision.

Shot Blasting solutions

ProService is regarded as a centre of knowledge by our customers when shot blasting plants are designed, realized and integrated. We provide a wide range of shot blasting machines suitable for any kind of application.

Advanced Foundry Ladles

We have a unique capability to design and engineer customized ladles with a size and shape to improve the process.
Our main focus is operator safety and efficient logistics. All our ladles comply with EN 1247 & EN ISO 3834.

PROMAT Hydraulic Breakers

Our PROMAT Hydraulic Breakers are a good example of our innovative solutions, and in this case with features which overcome traditional problems found in foundry feeder breakers and with higher efficiency.