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With the aim to surpass expectations on quality and precision, ProService has designed a robust and reliable breaker machine that is also very easy to handle.

Degating is already a tough job for any operator, and doing it with bad tools and equipment (hammer or inefficient hydraulic wedges) makes this operation even more difficult. PROMAT has been the first product produced by ProService in 2002.
Despite the apparent simplicity, this product has been improved continuously, developing new models and solutions for horizontal and vertical moulding lines (DISAMATIC), for furan / no-bake moudling lines, to make these hydraulic wedges:

  • More powerful: breaking bigger gating systems with smaller wedges;
  • Easier to handle and more ergonomic: simplifying the life for the operator, thus increasing his productivity;
  • More reliable limiting unexpected brake-down;
  • More robust for extreme long lifetime of the components;
  • Lower maintenance and spare parts demanding.

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The PROMAT hydraulic wedge is the
result of R&D activities performed by
ProService to reach new and more
convincing outcomes in terms of an
ergonomic and user-friendly machine. The PROMAT hydraulic wedge is able to rotate in every direction without any
strain on operator, thanks to the position of the two axis on its centre of gravity and
to the presence of a ball bearing.

The new PROMAT 50HF wedge has been properly engineered for DISAMATIC® moulding lines. Thank to its high frequency of hits per minutes,it is suitable for the risers breaking on small castings and very high production rate.

High quality materials and special design make the parts of the PROMAT hydraulic
wedge very durable, reducing their replacement at minimum.

The hydraulic wedge PROMAT can be used to break off almost any riser, giving
good results both in quickness (high number of spreading cycles per minute) and in size of the risers. The great flexibility of PROMAT hydraulic wedges allows to use them
in many different types of process. Thanks to the special shape of the front protections,
the slides can be used for all their length, greatly increasing the work area.


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