During the history of our company we have entered into several partnerships with selected companies who all share our views and values. Through dialogue, exchange of ideas and interaction with our partners we have gathered a strong and versatile know-how. We believe that ProService have an important role within the foundry industry and that we and our partners trough synergy moves the industry forward.

Founded in 1900, Disa is the world’s leading supplier of foundry equipment and metal surface finishing systems. With factories, and sales and service offices in three continents and an extensive agent network, it serves international industrial manufacturers, foundries and metalworking industries with leading edge technology solutions, tailored to their specific needs.
Having started in 1908 as many separate entities, the group of technologies represented today by the Wheelabrator Group is the world’s leading supplier of surface preparation equipment on a global scale. The company is formed from experienced and trusted brand names in surface preparation and finishing: the amalgamation of technologies, experts and experience has allowed it to put together the very best product and service offer available on the market today.
At pour-tech AB, we specialize in Automatic Pouring Systems for Iron Foundries. We provide complete pouring systems featuring unheated ladles for new installations. We also supply lasers, pouring controls and actuators for integration with other equipment, such as furnaces and existing ladles. Armed with quality equipment and superior support, the pourTECH™ system is fast becoming the preferred automatic pouring system for leading foundries around the world. www.pour-tech.com
Wire is well established producer of different kinds of cored wire for liquid metal treatment. The cored wire production in Slovenia commenced in 1989, when the cored wire works was established within the framework of the company called Tovarna dušika Ruše. In 1996, the Filum Company Ltd took over the cored wire works at the location of Tovarna dušika Ruše In 1999, we started cored wire production by using our own manufacturing equipment and a special procedure of manufacture, which was developed and patented within the framework of our company Wire d.o.o. In 2005 our company moved into new business and production premises, located in the Limbuš business park in Maribor

Founded in 1987 as a manufacturer of industrial furnaces, Comex Group has built its story about a fundamental value: technological innovation. A characteristic that, together with the experience of the combustion techniques used in the drying furnace was then transferred in the production of boilers for civil and industrial heating. Research and innovation have distinguished the company in the heating sector with important advantages for customers Comex Group in the field of energy saving, safety and environmental protection.

ConviTec is a German enterprise that, thanks to its small size, is able to meet customers’ requirements in an innovative, flexible and rapid way. It has at its disposal decades of experience in the field of vibratory equipment and plant engineering.

Founded in 1924 by some businessmen from Verona, Fro (Fabbriche Riunite Ossigeno) operates in sectors which are complementary to welding and in the industrial gases area, especially in welding and cutting.

Founded in 1914 by Joseph Reichmann, the company started manufacturing electric motors, ventilators, grinding and polishing machines.
In 1964, the expanding interest in winter sports encouraged the family Reichmann to diversify into machines for the production of skis.