Important years in the History of ProService

About ProService Technology

After the foundation in 2002 ProService quickly established a reputation in the market for its technical innovation for of cast iron foundries. In just a few years ProService had become a reference point for many European foundries. For the last 15 years our innovations has helped the industry to improve the quality of their castings and strive to maximize productivity & stabilize processes. With its highly integrated & customized solutions ProService aims to be the obvious partner for the foundry of tomorrow. Our goal is to share our metallurgical know-how and to inspire a future generation of foundrymen.


ProService is founded by Ing. Giuseppe Favaro and Ing. Nicola Segreto.


ProService releases the first version of ITACA™ thermal analysis, an advanced metallurgical process control system for cast iron


ProService is appointed by DISA Group as its exclusive Agent for the Italian territory.


The partners of ProService confirm and formalize the collaboration with the software house involved in the development of ITACA and found the company Eulogika. Today Eulogika has, besides to ProService, many other customers and is present in the market with its own products.


ITACA8™ is released and presented to the public during the 12th GIFA edition. It represents a turning point in process control logic with the purpose to integrate knowledge from the Quality, Technical & Production departments in a simple and intuitive way.


ProService obtains certification for its Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008, and certification according to ISO 3834-2:2005 for "Manufacture of metal structures and metal components for the iron foundry".


ProService moves in a brand new office building. The new premises allow a greater level of productivity and increased number of employees. ProService currently employs 20 people.
The new ProService website is launched. ProService participates in the 13th edition of GIFA.

Our mission is achieved through 3 basic values:


Our Mission is to be in the technical forefront of process development for cast iron foundries. Our broad expertise in metallurgical processes is a key ingredient to develop tools and services that meet our customer needs. We acknowledge that every foundry is unique and requires different solutions. Our Mission is to supply nothing but customized solutions that will lead to a stabilisation of their processes.
Our Mission is to a help our customers to reach maximum production efficiency by using new innovating technologies. With our know-how and unique solutions our Mission is to guide our customers to achieve more Responsible & Sustainable production.


Our Vision is to be a technological centre of Knowledge for our customers.
Our Vision is to provide a link that allows Integration, Continuous control, Traceability & Knowledge to join into a Smart Process.
With our Vision we want to inspire foundries worldwide to work for a greener future.

Flexibility & Customization:

Every aspect of our systems are planned, created & Integrated based of the specific needs of the Foundry. Our Products are never standardized.

Our team:

Our Know-how, gained over several years and the ability to work close with our customers makes us a reliable & experienced partner.

Technology & Innovation:

Our solutions are amongst the most Advanced in the world. Even our most basic systems are developed in-house.