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For the last 20 years our innovations has helped the industry to improve the quality of their castings and strive to maximize productivity & stabilize processes

About us

Defining and framing ProserviceTech is not an easy task because, despite the constant growth of the last 20 years, the PASSION for foundries and their processes is still our main drive.

A visceral passion that we have passed on to all our co-workers together with the idea that every problem must be analysed from all angles and that complexity generates opportunities.

Over the years our customers have proposed increasingly varied and complex problems that ProserviceTech has transformed into products and knowledge.

What we do

Everything we have thought and created has been linked to a single common thread: INTERCONNECTION. The sharing of information that is the basis of the logic of process control in an environment of high uncertainty.

Why we do it

So we create sensors where information is lacking. New machines and new control systems designed to minimize process variance in the phases where controls are most deficient. We create increasingly advanced diagnostic and analysis systems to share knowledge at all levels. This is the contribution we want to make to the foundry industry.

Our strengths

Flexibility & Customization

Every aspect of our systems are planned, created & Integrated based of the specific needs of the Foundry. Our Products are never standardized.


Our Know-how, gained over several years and the ability to work close with our customers make us a reliable & experienced partner.

Technology & Innovation

Our solutions are amongst the most Advanced in the world. Even our most basic systems are developed in-house.

Agencies and Collaborations

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Year 2002

ProserviceTech is founded by Ing. Giuseppe Favaro and Ing. Nicola Segreto.

Year 2004

ProserviceTech launches thermal analysis software ITACA.

Year 2006

ProserviceTech becomes exclusive agent for the Italian territory of DISA Group and Wheelabrator.

Year 2007

ProserviceTech formalizes the collaboration with Eulogika, the software house engaged in the development of ITACA.

Year 2011

ProserviceTech presents ITACA8 at GIFA.

Year 2014

ProserviceTech moves offices and production into a new and larger building.

Year 2015

ProserviceTech presents ITACAX and ITACA Dosing and Production Systems brand in GIFA 2015.

Year 2016

25% increase revenues vs 2017, pre-tax result equal to 30% of turnover.

Year 2018

ProserviceTech is among the 45 most competitive companies in the Veneto region.

Year 2019

At new GIFA, Proservice with new Logo and Colours, new brand name for Coating and Drying.

Year 2020

Establishment of ProserviceTech Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Year 2021

Establishment of ProserviceTech GmbH, Germany.