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We provide customized solutions for the foundry process based on customer requirements


ITACA, born 20 years ago as a thermal analysis software, has evolved continuously over time. ITACA today is an open 4.0 project that brings together machines and systems, new sensors, management software, latest generation algorithms and, from 2021, also consumables.

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Since 2002, ProserviceTech has been actively involved in the forefront of development for new solutions to improve all the phases of cores and moulds handling and assembly, including drilling and gluing, encompassing the preparation, application, filtration, and drying of foundry coatings. These products are grouped under the brand ARENA.

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A brand new green sand reclamation plant based on an efficient thermo-mechanical system to "clean" all the sand grains from the main impurities avoiding the formation of excess amount of fines, the result of years of research and design deriving from the Prosevice experience.

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AutomaTech is a technology provider and a robot&machine tools supplier for casting finishing and cnc advanced robotics applications. With over 20 years of knowledge we deliver effective and flexible turnkey solutions.

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Itaca Ferrous Metal Products

The cast iron metallurgy is fundamental for producing high quality castings. The usage of the correct products, for nodularization treatment and inoculation, is essential for having a stable process and reliable metallurgy.

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Degating is already a tough job for any operator, and doing it with bad tools and equipment (hammer or inefficient hydraulic wedges) makes this operation even more difficult. PROMAT has been the first product produced by ProService in 2002.

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