According to Proservice’s integration and automation concept, the material addition/correction phase must be considered as a focal point in the foundry process control.

ITACA Optidose has the purpose to calculate and control, in a completely automatic way, the addition of charging or corrective materials, minimizing human intervention and assuring higher traceability levels.

Some Benefits and Features

  • Automatic control of the alloy additions into the furnace or ladle
  • Simpler material inventory
  • Optimized use of alloys with different charges mix
  • Flexible batches
  • Accurate addition and simultaneous material handling
  • Data Traceability
  • Alarm in case of malfunction
  • High precision and speed, without any operator involvement
  • Minimal handling of material

Fully integrated ITACA philosophy

ITACA OptiDose  is designed to work in two different arrangements:

  • Performing corrections within the furnace. In this case, the system will be equipped with larger hoppers and, if possible, with an automatic transport system (from dosing system to charge kart, as example) to unload the recipe directly at the furnace place;
  • Performing corrections within the ladle, including additions for sandwich treatment. The system releases the material directly into the ladle before tapping operations at the furnace. The system will be equipped with hoppers (smaller than before) and a conveyor system, everything optimized to suit the ladle volume.

Especially in this second option, the correction is not only calculated according to the results of ITACA MeltDeck and spectrometer, but the core of the simplex receives feedback also from ITACA X, the system dedicated to final iron, giving information on the final casting requirements.

ITACA Optidose system can be easily connected also with ITACA Charge. In this case, the system is activated when a new furnace recipe is required. The automatic dosing machine start to prepare, in a completely automatic way, the required materials following the charging request. The material can be delivered directly inside the charge car or in any other specific place at the melting platform.

Following the customer needs

The system is completely customized to comply with the customer’s requirements, such as size of the material  used, quantity of material to be added, hoppers capacity (related to material consumption) and, of course, foundry layout.

The machine can be equipped with various engineering solutions such as: a belt conveying  system, hoppers with dedicated load cells or a screw conveyor system. All these factors are taken into consideration during the design phase for each unique system.

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