The pouring process is influenced by various factors which can cause possible casting defects. The pouring temperature is one of these key factors. By monitoring the temperature, the possibility of defects such as cold junction, sintering and cementite are reduced.
ITACA Pyro was developed to assist foundries by continuously monitoring the iron temperature during the pouring process.
Continuous measurement is important because the foundry must understand what is happening with each mould and not just have an approximate idea, averaged over a batch or a period of time.


The most common system for temperature monitoring is the temperature dip probe, universally considered an accurate system. Unfortunately, the system thermocouple and acquisition hardware are already a source of variation. There can be differences of up to 10°C between two measurements made on the same liquid metal, due to operator’s behaviour, immersion time and immersion depth. ITACA Pyro minimizes operator interference and automatically updates the current temperature range for a specific alloy or casting (optional when connected to ITACA X or pouring devices).
Only when the emissivity calibration is required, will it request an action from the operator and then automatically check the current emissivity value, compared to the temperature measurement of an immersion probe.


Each alloy, casting group or individual casting can be associated with an acceptable temperature range while pouring. During production, mould by mould, ITACA Pyro will check the temperature measurement and warn the operator with a visual (or acoustic) signal in case of over-range. In addition to the acceptability ranges, the calibration frequency can be set. ITACA Pyro will alert the operator when a new acquisition with dip probe is required for calibration and automatically recalibrates the emissivity of the pyrometer. Each acquisition is then saved to the database, making all the data available for further analysis if necessary.


ITACA Pyro has been designed for the same environment as the other equipment of the ITACA family and its function can be integrated as an important source in the comprehensive metallurgical control system of ITACA X. Combining it with other sources of information such as thermal analysis, chemical analysis, sand properties etc., the system allows for the most transparent monitoring of the metallurgical process.

Stand Alone Version

  • Continuous temperature measurement mould by mould
  • Possibility to define different temperature ranges
  • Autocalibration mode (when connected to dip probe)

Integrated Version (in addition)

  • With ITACA X: working ranges defined in ITACA automatically transmitted to ITACA Pyro
  • Association in warning module for possible defects
  • Association into ITACA database for deeper analysis


  • Keller Optical Pyrometer designed to measure the temperature of liquid iron.
  • Temperature range: 650° – 1700°C.
  • Maintenance-free and wear-free.
  • Optics with a rectangular target spot ensures reliable temperature data even when the pour stream position varies.
  • Dual wavelength technique yields accurate readings despite the presence of smoke or dust in the sight path.
  • Sighting options: integrated camera connected to external monitor (using a coaxial cable);
  • Easy and safe to set-up.
  • High temperature proof metal casing.
  • Built-in air cooling and lens-cleaning system.
  • Software installed on a desktop PC.
  • Setup for connection to ITACA X.
  • Remote assistance.

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