Perfect surface finishing for bronze and red brass castings by controlled dipping on ALL-in-ONE




Hugo Lahme GmbH ,

Installed equipment

ARENA All-in-ONE DT8X7 with manipulator


Repeatable coating layer thickness
Best surface finishing on castings

Some additional benefits

Lower cost of the coating
Almost maintenance and spare parts free
No operator involved in coating control

Some significant data


Coating cost


Number of containers moved in one year

0 €

spent in the first 4 years for use of spare parts

1 h

per day manpower saving

The customer

Hugo Lahme GmbH, founded in 1945, is a manufacturer of swimming pool technology. The company manufactures and processes all parts at its production and sales site in Ennepetal. Hugo Lahme GmbH also has its own foundry, which is also located at the site, and casts parts from bronze and red brass here.

Perfection in every element

Constant innovation and permanent development work have led to optimal solutions with maximum customer benefit at Hugo Lahme – and to the highest quality, durability and lasting value. Today, as in the past, this is the standard that all Hugo Lahme products in swimming pool technology and metal casting must meet – perfection in every element. For this reason, Hugo Lahme GmbH, in the person of Managing Director Mr Markenstein and Foundry Manager Mr Kuhnig, decided during GIFA 2019 to procure an ALL-IN-ONE solution from Proservice srl in Italy for its core shop.

The solution and savings

The ARENA ALL-IN-ONE has a coating preparation plant (CPP) and an adjacent core dipping tank. Here, cores can be dipped by hand or they can be placed on a grid and then dipped, so several small cores can be dipped at the same time. Dipping with the so-called manipulator increases productivity on the one hand and traceability on the other, and ensures a consistent coating finish. There are also no more coating noses, which has a positive effect on finishing. The coating is brought to the right viscosity and density in the CPP, i.e. the raw coating can now contain more solid components than before, which in turn means that the customer pays less transport costs for water. Compared to before, the Hugo Lahme company has an increase in the output of raw coating of approx. 35%, i.e. with a 1000 l tank they used to have 1030 kg and today they have 1350 kg. Likewise, the number of raw coating containers purchased has been reduced by 2/3. Another big advantage is that the workplace is now much more ergonomic and safer than before. The employee no longer has to come into contact with the coating, he does not have to mix it, check it or adjust it. Before, an employee needed about 45 minutes a day for this work. Today, the system takes care of all that. Also, the old sizing tank used to have to be completely emptied for cleaning at least four times a year; this has been reduced to once a year today. The plant was commissioned in October 2019. After almost four years, the result is more than good. Moreover, Hugo Lahme GmbH has not had any expenses for maintenance, repairs or spare parts since commissioning.

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