The traditional approach of installing a unit to control and prepare the coating and then pumping the controlled coating to the single dip tanks is tricky and source of potential casting defects without a proper traceability. ALL-in-ONE controls, prepares, filters, pumps, flow coat and dips the cores for the highest consistency.

ALL-in-ONE is available for water and alcohol based coatings and in different sizes and models: standard (Smartline) and tailor-made (Custom) solutions.

Benefits and Features of ARENA ALL-in-ONE

  • ALL-in-ONE works perfectly with all foundry coatings (Durrans, ASK Chemicals, HA Huttenes Albertus, FOSECO, etc.) without signing contracts for foundry consumables
  • Do you know ALL-in-ONE allows you to save coating? Dense coating can be delivered with less water saving numbers of containers, moreover ALL-in-ONE avoids manual preparation and mixing and moving coating from different containers
  • ProserviceTech takes care the engineering, programming, assembling, installation and service of the CPP without using third companies
  • As an option, CPP can be provided also with coating temperature control, automatic Viscosity control (Viscosity Sentinel), water treatment to take out bacteria from the inlet water
  • Density Sentinel can be tested in water in short time (mandatory for controlling sensors in foundry)
  • Out of the periodical cleaning, ALL-in-ONE is almost maintenance free (< 5 min / month)
  • Integration: Arena E-PUMP, ARENA Vibro-filter for sand and dry coating filtration reducing a lot the need of periodical cleaning, ARENA drying solutions
  • ALL-in-ONE is designed to automatize and simplify the dense coating dosing according the way it is delivered (drums, containers or trucks, …)
  • ALL-in-ONE is available in many versions and with several options to fit your budget

Controlled coating right where the cores are dipped!

In the past, many foundries have developed their own dipping systems. In fact coating suppliers have insufficient knowledge or they simply do not consider it advantageous or are not interested in providing solutions for the correct application of the coating.
It also frequently happens that the dipping tanks are part of a larger scope of supply (including core shooters, drying ovens, robotic cells, etc.). In those cases, the common suppliers consider them as an appendix and of secondary importance. This leaves the customers facing the daily problems caused by an inferior design of this equipment. High maintenance demands, casting defects (veining, sand inclusions, syneresis, runs and drips, etc.), frequent downtime, inconsistent coating thickness, sedimentation, no filtration of the sand or dried coating particles: these are just few of the main issues related to the coating by dipping , which most of the foundries are commonly facing with.
Very often the coating is controlled only in a preparation area and then the coating is moved or pumped into the dip tanks. In case there is not a preparation area, the coating is commonly controlled with low frequency (max. 1 or 2 times per shift).

This process conceals many potential problems including: sedimentation, solvent evaporation or bacterial attack. This can result in a variation in terms of coating density when compared to the preparation area, where the coating is monitored or between 2 measurements into the dip tanks. This creates unreliable traceability problems and extremely difficult troubleshooting to identify the real reason of casting defects.
For this reason, the ProserviceTech All-in-One dip tanks are provided with their own CPP with density control and preparation in one unit. The coating is then constantly monitored by Density Sentinel, handling automatically the dosing of dense coating and solvent. In this way you can control the coating features right where the cores are dipped.


Are you aware coating sedimentation, dipping operations and the way the cores are handled after dipping can affect the coating layer thickness up to 50-60%? In fact those variables act often independently of each other, making the process and the coating layer thickness often out of control and unpredictable.

In collaboration with the company James Durrans Ltd, using their water-based coating RWB 3521-MOD-P, Proservicetech has performed some tests to measure the variation introduced by the previously listed variables. An ARENA ALL-in-ONE DT5X5S with manipulator and an ARENA Drying oven RO1400 have been used, the results at this link.

On the contrary, ProserviceTech manipulator allows a perfect control of the dipping operations (thanks to PLC, frequency converter and absolute encoder) and it can be provided even with clamping and rotation system of the cores for the best dripping and distribution of the coating over the core surface. Robotic dipping solves most of the issues but robots cannot be applied in all foundries. ProserviceTech has designed standard and tailor-made manipulators for cores up from few grams to 1000 Kg, to replace the manual dipping, making the coating application much more consistent, without runs and drops, independent by operator’s capabilities, at reasonable cost and flexible enough to be used in case the foundry produces different types of cores. Visit our case studies in Ferromatrix Van de Wiele and William Lee to know more.

ALL-in-ONE Smartline

If you are looking for a simple solution capable of matching all the previously mentioned features and benefits but with a standardized design and that quickly pays for the initial investment, ALL-in-ONE Smartline is the answer.

They are designed in different sizes and concepts to be adapted to various sizes of the cores, to be space-saving with ergonomic design and low-maintenance requirements. Yet flexible enough to be adapted to your existing dipping process (manual by operator or automatic by robot). for alcohol or water based coatings, ALL-in-ONE Smartline can be commissioned in short time even without ProserviceTech technicians, thanks to the plug and play  features.
All the ALL-in-ONE dip tanks  are provided with a Density Sentinel for continuous density control and automatic preparation and, most of them, with ARENA E-pump to keep the constant level and to flow coat some cores and with the manipulator to dip the cores at controlled speed and depth.

ALL-in-ONE Custom

Do you want a deeper or larger dip tank? Do you want to combine a dip tank with a flow coating station? Do you have any restrictions due to the available layout and space? Must it be installed in an existing robotic cell to replace an old and/or unreliable dip tank?
In limited cases, it is not possible to use a standard ALL-in-ONE Smartline and it is necessary to 100% design the equipment according to the specific needs of each customer. Our engineer will design the best solution to match your requests.

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